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Algorithms against HAI
How can algorithms reduce healthcare acquired infections? Currently it is very difficult to know when someone is affected. Therefore patient records are analyzed using AI. We aim at better understanding how and when infections may be prevented – and new AI-tools are developed to support healthcare staff. This is part of a national innovation project coordinated by the Center for Innovation at Karolinska University Hospital and the Patient Area for Infectious Diseases.
Preventing pressure ulcers already in the ER.mp4
World leading in early initiation of pressure ulcer prevention – starting even before the patient arrives at the hospital. For high-risk patients, 30 minutes on a hospital gurney is sufficient to cause a pressure ulcer. This is why the Emergency Department in Huddinge focuses on identifying these patients as soon as they arrive. Preventive measures are immediately implemented and continued throughout the patient’s hospital stay.
Instruktionsfilm PEP – så använder du trycksårsmadrassen på akuten
Akutmottagningen på Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset i Huddinge har påbörjat ett projekt för att identifiera riskpatienterna för trycksår redan när de anländer till akutmottagningen. Instruktionsfilmen visar hur ambulans- och akutpersonal tränar på att använda den trycksårsförebyggande madrassen.